Holistic thinking, creativity and innovation at the core of Fashion, Clothing and Textile Design

Students can choose their personal paths within fashion, clothing, textiles, and strategic colour and material design during their studies. The diverse areas of the field are linked to business, science and technology in the rich environment of Aalto University.

Since 2012 Aalto University students have occupied more final spots at the renowned fashion Festival d’Hyères than any other design school. In year 2016 Aalto fashion education was ranked high by Business of Fashion website. The Bachelor’s programme in Fashion was placed third and the Master’s Programme received a ranking of 15th in this global evaluation. In year 2021 Aalto University’s fashion programmes was ranked fourth best in the world by CEO World Magazine.

Aalto University’s alumni can be found working at many of the industry’s leading fashion houses, brands, mills and institutions. They are praised for original research and contemporary view on fashion and textiles with a profound knowledge in pattern cutting, garment construction and a multitude of textile techniques.