Holistic thinking, creativity and innovation at the core of Fashion, Clothing and Textile Design

Grounded on research-based knowledge on the societal, cultural and global change, the studies in Fashion, Clothing and Textile Design nurture creative exploration and conceptual thinking on a high artistic and professional level. The major educates designers equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitude for the future needs of fashion and textiles as creative force. The studies prepare the students to proactively and creatively tackle future global socio-technical challenges and innovate new sustainable and culturally inclusive design solutions for the global field of textiles and fashion. Moreover, the major provides understanding of the global industry and its impact on environment, society and business. Students are challenged to explore multidisciplinary collaboration and possibilities of new technologies, new materials and innovative design solutions. 

In year 2021 Aalto University’s fashion majors were ranked fourth best in the world by CEO World Magazine. Aalto University’s alumni can be found working at many of the industry’s leading fashion houses, brands, mills and institutions.