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In addition to the main study program, the students can take courses from other programs or universities, enrol in a minor programme or go abroad.
> Full list of Aalto level minors

Fashion Management Minor

Fashion Management minor studies offer students a unique opportunity to deepen their knowledge and skills in the international fashion business […]

Innovative Fashion Design

Creation in the core – break out boundaries in an innovative way Learning Outcomes Students learn to strengthen their own […]

Basic Knitting

Learn to understand knitted structures and textile materials, and how to use them to express your design concept and story. […]

Printed Fabrics Workshop

Deepen your skills in the design of printed fabrics as well as in the methods of dyeing and finishing of […]

Basic Printing

Learn to understand the compatibility between different textile raw materials and textile dyes, the use of silk screen printing on […]

Woven Fabrics and Jacquard Workshop

Learn the advanced methods of woven fabric and jacquard design and understand the design process in industrial scale. During the […]

Knits and Knitwear Workshop

Learn the advanced methods of knitwear design and use the knitting studio at Arabia campus and the Stoll CMS industrial […]

Fashion Collection Design

Learn to create fashion concepts and collections and develop your personal creative vision and critical thinking.