Fashion/Textile Futures

The Fashion/Textile Futures research group explores new perspectives on human-centered design research. The group approaches research in the field of fashion, clothing and textiles in multi-faceted ways. A strong research focus is on sustainable fashion and textiles, but group members’ research activities and strengths also encompass material-based research, aesthetics and creativity studies, practice-based research, and strategic fashion and textile management.

The group is involved in several significant research projects, which integrate closed loop and circular economy approaches in fashion and textile systems.


Trash-2-Cash Project

Trash-2-Cash aims to provide creative companies with new material solutions by giving a second life to zero-value waste and turning it into high-value materials that can be used in fashion, interiors, automotive and other luxury products. In the project, growing problems with paper fibre waste from the paper industry and textile fibre waste, originating from continuously increasing textile consumption, will be challenged through design-driven innovation.

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