Sustainable Fashion and Textile Design

Learn to create fashion and textile concepts in the context of sustainability

The student learns to understand a range of approaches and methods in sustainable fashion and textile field. Furthermore holistic understanding of sustainability will be provided. S/he becomes familiar with different viewpoints of sustainability and can use this information in her/his creative design work. Each year the topic will change and in spring 2017 it is linked to circularity. The course will have visiting international tutors.


-Theoretical part (partly online teaching) + practical design case

-Foundational knowledge from sustainable fashion and textiles; eco-design, sustainable and ethical design, green aesthetics, green business thinking, design for sustainable consumption, critical design and design for recycling in fashion and textile context.

-Holistic understanding of sustainability through systems thinking and through cradle-to-cradle approach, in closed loop and circular economy context.

-Reflection of designers’ role in a sustainable development

-Constructing design concepts

-Experimental design part

Learning outcome

The students learn to understand the wideness and many layers of sustainability and narrow or holistic approaches into it. They understand designer’s role in sustainability and how to make a transformation towards sustainability as a designer. The students earn theoretical foundation for their own creative practice and are encouraged to use their creative design skills for problem solving.

The student gets introduction and hands-on experience to applying some of sustainable design method in her/his own creative work. The student is able to construct a conceptual design plan based on theoretical studies and her/his own research and implement this concept as creative fashion or textile design case or prototype. Design work is important part of the course to express the constructed sustainable statement.

10.04.2017 – 26.05.2017

Photo Anne Kinnunen