H&M x Aalto University

Second collaboration with H&M culminates with Aalto students’ internships in Sweden.

In 2015, the Swedish fashion company H&M and Aalto University collaborated for the first time in a print and surface design project. It was an immediate success and continued with a second collaboration in September 2016. All the 17 students participating in the course chose their own category and designed a print collection for the target customer. During the course the students got tutoring from both the team at H&M and Aalto University teachers. In December 2016 the course came to and end with a final presentation of the students work. The H&M team chose three winners who will get a placement at the fashion company in Stockholm, Sweden. This years winners are Netta Törmälä, Kristiina Hansen-Haug and Helmi Liikanen. A big congratulation!