Experimental Textile Design

Project by Taija Lammi

Learn new opportunities to use textile materials and techniques.


Students explore traditional and/or experimental methods and manufacturing processes of textile materials and use them as a starting point for their individual projects. The approach is experimental and practice-led and based on literature and own research. Some techniques experimented during the course are experimental embroidery, 3D-printing and laser cutting. Elective basic textile courses and the experimental ADDlab workshop can be integrated to this module according to the personal study plan. The student applies to the Basic printing, Basic Knitting or Woven Fabrics — material and structure — courses separately and the credits are integrated to Experimental Textile Design.


“It’s Alive” by Outi Mustonen

Learning Outcomes

Students are familiar with traditional, new and experimental textile materials and production methods. They understand how to use textile materials and techniques as a form of expression. Students learn how to manage creative processes resulting in innovative products and collections. Students recognize the new opportunities in the field of textiles related to neighboring disciplines. Students without knowledge of textile techniques learn the basics of knitted, printed and/or woven textiles in basic courses integrated to this module.


Project by Suzanne Oude Hengel



PROJECT by Maija Jarviniemi

Works by Maija Jarviniemi