EXHIBITION: What’s cooking? by CHEMARTS

The newest bio-based material experiments from CHEMARTS courses & The CHEMARTS Cookbook

In the coming years, our material world will change dramatically. To facilitate the change, we need to know the origin of materials, how they are processed and used, and how they can be kept in closed-loop systems as long as possible.

From a bio-adhesive to reed panels and cellulose foam, a unique work created in collaboration with designers and biomaterial researchers shows what natural materials can do.

What’s cooking? exhibition

Väre FK Lobby Gallery

2 September – 25 September


The exhibition showcases a curated selection of student projects from CHEMARTS Summer School 2020.

CHEMARTS Summer School students:

Aman Asif, Auri Lukkarinen, Bingdie Huang, Edith Kankkunen, Elina Onkinen, Ene Rönkkö, Hanna Arhe, Henna Salminen, Hilla Ruuska, Irene Purasachit, Jasmin Hiekkamies, Kitty Zheng, Laura Rusanen, Linh Tong, Mira Niittymäki, Niina Hyry, Noor Agourram, Petra Lehtinen, Riikka Savolainen, Ruut Launo, Sonja Dallyn and Tessa Dean.

CHEMARTS Summer School tutors:

Pirjo Kääriäinen, Nina Riutta, Iines Jakovlev, Eveliina Juuri and Talisa Dwiyani (Aalto ARTS), Tapani Vuorinen, Iina Solala and Jinze Dou (Aalto CHEM)

More information: Pirjo Kääriäinen pirjo.kaariainen@aalto.fi +358 50 381 0217


CHEMARTS is the long-term collaboration project of the School of Chemical Engineering (CHEM) and the School of Arts, Design and Architecture (ARTS).

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