This academic year 2016/2017 A:Space invites you to explore sensorial design.

Sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch are the five traditionally recognized senses. In addition we humans detect other stimuli, such as temperature, pain, balance, vibrations… Some of us even have extrasensory perception (ESP), so called 6th sense, that seems to originate in an alternate reality and provides information of the present, past and future.

Visual information dominates, but full range of human senses influence response to design. To understand the sensorial stimuli impact on human cognitive behavior is an exciting call for designers and scientists and engineers to collaborate and explore together! The choice of 21st century consumers is increasingly complicated, rich, varied and nuanced. In order to create successful products and services designer needs mastery and expertise in creating total sensory synergies!

In A:space there is a unique selection of equipment, technologies and tools to make Design and Material led exploration and making.

Please visit us in A:space, Otaniemi Campus, Otakaari 15 and remember to follow us on Facebook!